New UL 489 and CSA NO 5 DC circuit protection product From Noark!

Noark the circuit protection specialist ! 😍

A new product is now available at Noark, with the development of alternative energy solution using direct current for energy production and storage, or even the field of electric car, the demand for CC circuit protection has increase widely. Noark launches a new one in the family of miniature circuit breakers for Din rail  the B1D . It is available from .5 AMP to 63 AMPS in version 1 or two poles. The B1D is the ideal product for protecting your DC circuits. The Interrupting capacity is 10KA and the maximum voltage for 1 pole is 125vdc and 250vdc for 2 poles.

In addition a full range of accessories is available: Shunt trip , under voltage trip , normal auxiliary contact and alarm, bus  bar, padlocking , Surface or in front mount adapter.

The product is guaranteed for 5 years and is available at your Noark distributors in Canada

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