New UL 489 and CSA NO 5 DC circuit protection product From Noark!

Noark the circuit protection specialist ! 😍

A new product is now available at Noark, with the development of alternative energy solution using direct current for energy production and storage, or even the field of electric car, the demand for CC circuit protection has increase widely. Noark launches a new one in the family of miniature circuit breakers for Din rail  the B1D . It is available from .5 AMP to 63 AMPS in version 1 or two poles. The B1D is the ideal product for protecting your DC circuits. The Interrupting capacity is 10KA and the maximum voltage for 1 pole is 125vdc and 250vdc for 2 poles.

In addition a full range of accessories is available: Shunt trip , under voltage trip , normal auxiliary contact and alarm, bus  bar, padlocking , Surface or in front mount adapter.

The product is guaranteed for 5 years and is available at your Noark distributors in Canada

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Increase the quality and lower the costs of your electric panels is possible with Noark Electric

Noark is a manufacturer of  control and circuit breaker products. Noark is a division of Chint, Asia’s largest manufacturer of electrical products. Noark’s mission is to quality produce low voltage components for the American, Canadian and European market.

The north American headquarters is in Pomona, California.

The product stands out with a limited warranty of 5 years on their components.

If you are looking to reduce the cost of your control panel and increase the quality Noark products is what you need.

One of the company’s flagship product is the moulded case circuit breaker  Ex9 series, The product it’s seen awarded a Red dot Award at the launch in Germany.

Its dual arc break design and the use of ball bearing is an innovation for the industry. Available from 15 amps to 1200 amps – 600 VAC DC for the Canadian market and 690 Volts for the European market. Three  level of breaking capacity are available . The S , N and the H ( 20 to 65 ka 600 Volt) and ( 35 to 100Ka – 480 Volt )

For more information contact Prosynergic 514-500-7513

Prosynergic is the manufacturer representative for Noark in Canada for  Quebec and Ontario

We visited Noark in 2019 and we were impressed  by their production line, state of the art production line and quality controls they have.

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Why not replace your fuses with mini circuit breakers?

Noark Electric offers mini circuit breakers ( MCB ) approved for UL489 or CSA C22.2 no.5 branch protection

Thanks to their low prices and small footprints, they can replace fuse and fuse block without increasing the price of your projects. The advantage of circuit breakers is the assurance that the user does not replace the protection with a different caliber. They also offer at no extra cost a trip indicator.

As automation solutions are increasingly autonomous, it allows remote verification of their states, on- off and  or tripped . We also offer shunt trip and under voltage trip coil .

They are available in version 1 pole, 2 poles, and 3 poles, and with different curves (B,C,D, ) In 4 different families

  1. : The B1H series good for Y 480v or 277 volts maximum
  2.  The versatile B1N version , CA and CC 240 VAC – 60 VDC and for the two poles 125 VDC
  3. The B1NQ 120 240 V version
  4. The B1A 60 VDC version


It is mountable on Din rail and Noark is offering accessories like, trip coils, auxiliary alarm contacts, and a completely safe finger safe Busbar systems.

It is covered by a 5-year warranty, Noark tests each of them short-circuit and overload before it leaves the factory to ensure you run smoothly.

With the Noark MCB the fuse race to restart your machine at 4 am is over and you will no longer have to pay the lost hours of your machine technician in search of the right fuse all over the town.

For more info contact Prosynergic, your Noark agent for Quebec and Ontario