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In addition to the commercial and technical representation services for manufacturers in automation, motion control and mechatronics we offer free application advice. With more than 30 years of experience you can count on us to guide you in your choices.

We also offer training on the products of our partners to distributors and users to make their applications easier and to introduce new technologies. Contact us to book

Seminar and meeting available:

Macron Dynamic: Overview linear technology including linear robotics with the famous H-bot and T-bot, reduce the risk of your projects thanks to a turnkey approach to macron. Deliver your projects faster and more efficiently, even managing cabling and getting started by Macron. Duration one hour.

Cabling Management technology: Mainly based on Murrplastik technology products to effectively manage your cabling, save time, avoided cutting pre-assembled cables. Improved the reliability with flexible conduits. Simplify your life with robot dress pack. Improve your diagnostic with wire marking solutions. Duration One hour

Servo FIT Technology: Stober Drive offers gearboxes and servo motors to meet the application that demands reliability and performance, learn how to apply them and how Stober delivers leak free products and other problems limiting the Productivity. We will also cover the servo stop technology, safety brake approved for the Machine safety application.

Linear motion measurement option and technology: presentation based on TR electronic, Schneeberger and Elovis products, we cover the various products available (Absolute encoders, Linear guide with built in encoder, Laser distance sensors, Available network, Linear transducers, Programmable encoders, Non contact linear encoder,  Encoders SIL 3 Safety-approved (functional safety)) Duration 1 hours

Torque coupling technology and limiter: R + W offers high performance coupling solutions in addition to providing safety torque limiters (Machine and mechanical safety) to set maximum torque to a specific level. Interesting approach to limit damage. The presentation is aimed at technicians and engineers involved in the selection of mechanical components of servo drives and (PT) power transmission.

Ethernet Networking: Overview of the technology available at Etherwan for your Ethernet network, managed switch and unmanaged version industrialized and ultra-robust. Application for difficult environment: Low temperature, Long range WI-Fi, high vibration, media converter (fiber, coaxial), voltage Variation.  Duration One hour

Management of surge and voltage problems in Drive environments: Presentation of the Bonitron product designed to solve the problems of undesired Over voltage and under voltage Trip  (UPS or UPD for drive, brake transistor, Braking resistance, filter, single-phase power supply. There is now a solution between the standard drives and the systems Drive.

Introduction to Machine safety: overview of the different technologies and standards in the industry (light curtains, laser for press brake, safety controller, mechanical torque limiter, laser scanner, Radar 3D safety Scanner, Safety Mat, Safety Bumper, Safety Edge ) duration one hour for the base of the Machine security and one hours for security products.

New products introduction meeting  for industry in particular: we also offer a one hour meeting where we cover the new technologies of all our partners relevant to your industry only: we then prepare a presentation focused on only the products that are relevant to your area of expertise.

  • Mechanical products for professional in mechanics: coupling, gearing, linear axle, linear guide
  • Metals industries: Encoder with and without contact, Drive  accessories , Machine safety
  • Pharma, Food and Beverage  : IP 69K  Solution, stainless steel products, food sensor, explosion proof solution
  • Packaging: sensor, servo drive , encoder
  • City and water and wast water : Ethernet Communication, Level sensor, Voltage Monitor, Phase Lost relays, Pomp temperature and Leak relays, Alternating relays
  • Rail industries : Ethernet Communication, connector, cable management
  • Amusement  : Linear axis, sensor, machine safety, encoder, position sensors
  • Inspection  : Linear axis, Electric Servo Cylinder, Cartesian Robots, Vision Sensor and Lighting
  • Robotics: Gear Box, Machine safety, robotic cable management , Cartesian robotics
  • Panel Manufacturer: Wiring management,  Ethernet switch, Drive UPS , Phase Lost ,Voltage and Current monitoring

Contact us and let us know what technology you are interested in and we will be happy to present it to you

In 30  years we have trained many people in the field of automation at all levels: Distribution, integration and Maintenance.  And in the majority of cases we have fully filled our mandate with was to transmit our knowledge and make the people comfortable the technology. In today’s fast world we make sure that meeting with Prosynergic are Efficient , Valuable, Clear. You Meet 30 year of experience and 15 manufacturers at the same time.

The Prosynergic Team is Looking forward to meet with you

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