Solar Panel Protection Breaker UL489B 10KA – 1000VDC

Noark is launching a brand new circuit breaker for solar panel protection. The Ex9-M1PVS is available in 4 connection configuration depending on the type of grounding system. The available intensity range is 15 Ampere to 80 Ampere. Jumper are installed in the factory as needed. The product is guaranteed for 5 years and meets the UL489B standards.

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Solutions for over-voltage and under-voltage trip with AC Drive

Do you have critical applications that can’t be interrupted or voltage variations that cause your drive to trip ? For example, the time it takes for the generator to switch from the Hydro voltage to the generator may be long enough to trigger a fault on your drive  or your plant is at the end of the line and the voltage fluctuates and trip the drive.Bonitron is a name to remember in those situation they manufactures multiple solution. They have units called UPD. Like a Ups these units take over during power outage but provide only DC energy. The AC Drive have already a  power converter so it is not necessary and much more efficient to not do the conversion 2 time . The result is a more reliable and  more price effective  solution than a UPS. Also as the solution is parallel it does not prevent your Drive from working if the UPS has issue.

If your voltage interruptions are short. There is also a solution based on capacitors that will be plugged in parallel to the DC Bus of your Drive. This additional capacity allows energy to be stored to overcome the problems of voltage variation.

Your Drive can also trip on over voltage, which is normally due to regeneration of  your motor when it is being tracked  by the load. The generator effect of your motor inflates your DC bus and the drive trip to protect itself. It is then necessary to precede to deflate the DC bus by consuming the excess energy. Option 1, use resistance to burn energy or Option 2 returns this surplus on the power line. The greener solution is regeneration, because the energy is not wasted in heat but rather returned so that other load can consume it. There are accessories on the market to create a common  DC Bus with multiple drive , this way an accelerating drive can consume the current of another drive in deceleration. This common bus solution will reduce the size of the regeneration unit in addition to limited to one unit per group of drive . The beauty of the solution , it can be done with regular of the shelf drive , all you need is a connection to the DC bus of the drive.

Another interesting option is for cycle loads, which go from motor  to generator state constantly. Like an oil pump jack. When the pump goes up it consumes power when it comes down it regenerates. Capacitors can then be installed to store during the descent and provide energy to the climb.

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We can help fix issue with all drive brand

Gilles Laberge


We have the accessories you need for your robotic projects!

We have the accessories you need

Murrplastik Robots and Cable Chains

Guide Rail, Schneeberger Rack

Stober Motor with Pinion

Guided Macron Dynamic Belt Actuator

Hokuyo Safety Laser Scanner

ASO Safety mat and safety bumper

Anubis 3d  Robots Tools

Linmot Linear Motor for Adjustable Motorized Tools

Linear Encoder, Safety encoder, Sensors and Vison Tr Electronic Sensor

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New UL 489 and CSA NO 5 DC circuit protection product From Noark!

Noark the circuit protection specialist ! 😍

A new product is now available at Noark, with the development of alternative energy solution using direct current for energy production and storage, or even the field of electric car, the demand for CC circuit protection has increase widely. Noark launches a new one in the family of miniature circuit breakers for Din rail  the B1D . It is available from .5 AMP to 63 AMPS in version 1 or two poles. The B1D is the ideal product for protecting your DC circuits. The Interrupting capacity is 10KA and the maximum voltage for 1 pole is 125vdc and 250vdc for 2 poles.

In addition a full range of accessories is available: Shunt trip , under voltage trip , normal auxiliary contact and alarm, bus  bar, padlocking , Surface or in front mount adapter.

The product is guaranteed for 5 years and is available at your Noark distributors in Canada

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New Macron Dynamic solutions for transporting Robots 7 and 8th axis

The whole family solution for 7th axis of Macron Dynamics

A nice way to get your project on a fast track !

Robot Mount Plate, Gear Reducer Machine Ready for Your Motor , Wiring Management, Proven Design, You only have to plug your control component and start programming.

Possibility of  combination of 7 and 8 axes with  a counterweight to compensate the weight of the robot , allowing a smaller motor and a safer application. The weight is  integrated in the aluminum structure.

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To help with the COVID-19 Prosynergic offer Virtual technical training!

Prosynergic is taking great steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 by implementing virtual technical presentation. We recognize that you are committed to preserving your environment as safe as possible. Many of you are working in your home office and want to stay informed about new product and technology . It’s a good time now to do so !

Prosynergic will make presentations available via the Zoom website. These courses will be in a 45-minute format. Send an email to the address to receive your invitation with the subject or topic of interest.

List of Topics:

  • Noark electric: ( Circuit Protection, Circuit and Engine Control)
  • ASO safety: ( Safety Mat , Safety Edge , safety Bumper  )
  • Stober: (Family of modular speed reducer servo, Food option, Safety brake)
  • TR Electronic: (Family of Programmable Coder, Security Coder, Linear Coder, Laser Distance Ultrasonic Sensors, Specialized Photo Sensors)
  • Macron Dynamic: (Cartesian Robotics, Gantry (portico), Robotic transport guide)
  • Linmot: ( Cylindrical Linear Engine, Ip69K Food Option, Rotative and Linear Option)
  • Schneeberger: (Mechanical Linear Guide, Linear Measurement System, High Precision Systems)
  • Private Project Meeting: You have a project that integrates our technologies, we offer you a meeting with specialists from our manufacturers partners via ZOOM.

New at Noark, Breakers one and two poles 600 volts!

New at Noark ,  circuit breaker 1 pole and  2 poles

  • 240-690 VAC and 250-500 VDC
  • Available in M1 and M2 format (15 – 250 Amps)
  • Breaking capacity of  100 KA at 460 volts.
  • Meet standard  UL 489 , CSA 22.2 No 5 and IEC 60947-2
  • Available with Line and Load Lug and  rear-connection
  • Accessory available : Alarm and auxiliary contact
  •                                        Shunt and undervoltage trip

NOA_M1-M2_1P-2P Info Sheet

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Prosynergic is now the agent for Linmot in Quebec


Prosynergic is the proud representative since January 2020 of NTI AG’s products in Quebec. They manufacture Linmot-branded linear cylindrical motors and Magspring springs. You have to see them as linear servos motors. The product is innovative and highly efficient, with accelerations as high as 7.3G and IP69K versions. They are ideal for the food industry or high production rates and high pressure washing are common. Linmot products replace pneumatic cylinders, in addition to giving you a complete  control of speed and positioning, they are more energy  efficient. As pneumatic energy is one of the most expensive to produce and transmit to equipment. They are also easy to apply thanks to their format and weather protection.


Linmot headquarters

Contact us to learn how to improve your machine’s performance by replacing your electric or pneumatic cylinders with linear servo technology.

Linmot linear engine