Electrical Products

Sales contact                   : Normand Lalonde

Safety Mat , Edge , Bumper


Drive System Accessories,  DC UPS for drive , Braking Solution

Wireless machine connectivity , I-O-Link wireless solution


Non contact measurement solution, Non contact laser encoder


Controls Relays, Three Phase Monitor, Pump leakage Sensing, Level Monitor, Alternator Relays, Timer



Ultrasonic Sensors , Double sheet sensing


Cable Management

Wire Management ,Robots Dress Pack, Panel entry systems, Marking Solution


Safety Scanner

Safety Laser Scanner


Press Protection folder

Hydraulic press Brake safety solution



Absolute, Incremental and Linear Encoders, Programmable Encoders, Laser distance Sensors

Photelectric , Capacitive , Inductive Sensors , Colors sensors , Label Sensors


Motion, Robotic and Systems

Sales Contact                : Gilles Laberge

All in One Stepper and Servo Motor , PLC special IO , Position sensing

Electric Servo Cylinder,  Linear and Rotary Actuator


Linear and Rotary Motors and Servo Drive



Linear Robotic Systems, Linear Rod less Actuator, 7 th axis systems


Linear Bearing and Measuring, Ball Screw actuator, Telescopic Actuator, High Precision Table

Servo and Power Transmission Gearbox, Servo Motors , Safety Brake


High Precision Coupling and Drive Shaft,  Safety Coupling