Prosynergic is back from training and visiting the Stober factory in Kentuky!

We are back from a training at Stober Drive in Kentuky and we have seen on the spot the commitment of employees and their pride to work for the company. At Stober! The quality of the products is not a coincidence, the worry of the details and the precision of assembly make no doubt! We visited both factories, including the assembly plant here built in 2013. The presence of Stober in the USA makes it possible to reduce deliveries and respond to emergencies more quickly

Stober Drive USA

I invite you to watch the following video that gives you an idea of ​​this commitment to quality. Stober work to eliminates downtime, oil leaks and other counter productive elements too often associated with gearboxes.

An alternative for your electrical enclosure needs!

Prosynergic now offers SCE products. The family business of Saginaw in Wisconsin has been producing boxes since 1963 in a factory of more than 310000 square feet.

As the second largest enclosure producer in the USA and recognized for the quality of its products and availability, Saginaw has an inventory of over 15 million. We can deliver in a few days enclosure that our competitors take several weeks.

The current demand for more automation pushes the deliveries of enclosures out of the usual window, moreover this overheating causes quality problems for some of them.

Do not delay your project for a box!

Ask us a price and save time and problemes !

Saginaw Control and Engineering