Prosynergic signed a representation agreement with Stober drives.

Prosynergic is now the agent of Stober for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

Why STOBER? With over 80 years in gearing experience and over 30 years in motors, STOBER has the knowledge and expertise to create the best gearboxes and motors in the industry.

Servo solutions range from planetary gearheads to helical bevel gearboxes to hollow bore motors to rack and pinion solutions. This diverse offering means we have a solution that will meet your needs. Our compact helical bevel reducers allow you to use your current machine setup. If you need a completely engineering system, let our product support team help you size your gearbox.

Our gear reducers for NEMA motors are ready to handle tough environments. An average mean time to failure of 8 years and a standard 3 year warranty means you can trust a STOBER gearbox to stand up in harsh conditions. STOBER gearboxes are lubed for life and don’t leak oil. No maintenance. No downtime. Not only will you save money on downtime and maintenance, our gearboxes are up to 97% efficient, therefore reducing your energy costs.



R + W

  • Mechnical Solution for precision coupling for
  • Packaging, printing, machine tools, robotics, servo
  • Backlash Free

Couplings high performance for a global market  


Our guiding principle, DRIVE, is a mutual appeal that unifies our 220 employees: manufacture couplings at high metal bellows of range, elastomeric couplings, disc couplings and torque for the world market limiters; precisely to the micrometer.

With DRIVE, we present ourselves as a leader and the market dynamic, reliable, innovative and versatile technology that strives to expand its activities in developing and improving further our daily activity.

We are close to the customer, solution-oriented, cost-effective and flexible, with an exceptional commitment. This is how we reach our standards, resulting from the details of our work.

Get in touch with us. We have the right DRIVE! For all transmissions of torque!

Development is our strength!

Since 1990, R + W has a Department dedicated to R & D for new progress and special solutions involving linkages of precision and industrial drive, using an talented engineering team based on application requirements specific customer.

With the collaboration of the universities of Bayreuth and Aachen (Germany), R + W is able to test its products newly designed and analyzed on the latest equipment.

This Department is responsible for several milestones in coupling technology, such as the first two-piece bellows coupling and coupling of security SL ULTRALIGHT.

Currently, it is the goal of R + W to develop at least a completely new series of couplings to present on the world market each year. In addition to new product developments, our team has worked extensively on high-level engineering projects, including security customized to the International Space Station and the couplings couplings of bellows blind to the larger machine at CERN in the world


R+W safety Coupling technology

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