Solutions for over-voltage and under-voltage trip with AC Drive

Do you have critical applications that can’t be interrupted or voltage variations that cause your drive to trip ? For example, the time it takes for the generator to switch from the Hydro voltage to the generator may be long enough to trigger a fault on your drive  or your plant is at the end of the line and the voltage fluctuates and trip the drive.Bonitron is a name to remember in those situation they manufactures multiple solution. They have units called UPD. Like a Ups these units take over during power outage but provide only DC energy. The AC Drive have already a  power converter so it is not necessary and much more efficient to not do the conversion 2 time . The result is a more reliable and  more price effective  solution than a UPS. Also as the solution is parallel it does not prevent your Drive from working if the UPS has issue.

If your voltage interruptions are short. There is also a solution based on capacitors that will be plugged in parallel to the DC Bus of your Drive. This additional capacity allows energy to be stored to overcome the problems of voltage variation.

Your Drive can also trip on over voltage, which is normally due to regeneration of  your motor when it is being tracked  by the load. The generator effect of your motor inflates your DC bus and the drive trip to protect itself. It is then necessary to precede to deflate the DC bus by consuming the excess energy. Option 1, use resistance to burn energy or Option 2 returns this surplus on the power line. The greener solution is regeneration, because the energy is not wasted in heat but rather returned so that other load can consume it. There are accessories on the market to create a common  DC Bus with multiple drive , this way an accelerating drive can consume the current of another drive in deceleration. This common bus solution will reduce the size of the regeneration unit in addition to limited to one unit per group of drive . The beauty of the solution , it can be done with regular of the shelf drive , all you need is a connection to the DC bus of the drive.

Another interesting option is for cycle loads, which go from motor  to generator state constantly. Like an oil pump jack. When the pump goes up it consumes power when it comes down it regenerates. Capacitors can then be installed to store during the descent and provide energy to the climb.

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Gilles Laberge


Are we required to follow the CE standards for EMC in the development of a machine safety project in North America?

For some time I have been asking myself this question in front of the number of issue we face went we put in service safety equipement with electro magnetic noise. My first contact with the problem was when installing and putting into service a safety systems base on  camera on a press brake.

The customer complained about the device tripping. After investigating and analyzing systems error codes We came to the conclusion that the problems came from EMC noises. Several visits and tries later we eliminated the majority of the problems. Thanks to Stefano Medved of Enerdoor and his radiation detection equipment. He was able to locate the problem on the RS232 communication port.

As I lost a lot of time with different safety application and EMC issue. I became curious and I always looked for an approach to avoid these kinds of problems. I subsequently experienced the problem in the start-up of a light curtains and a safety controllers form different brand and I have always lost a crazy amount of time to find this kind of problem as it is not all Devices that give us a clear diagnosis. . One thing is always common in most of the problems.The error codes always points in the direction of EMC and the manufacturer always told me that this type of problems is unusual in Europe.

After thinking about the issue and reading  several manufacturer manuals I realized one thing. All manuals give the recommendation to follow the CE standards for EMC. What for?  Well the compatibility standards are there to ensure that noise-generating devices do not generate more than a certain level of noise and that other devices resist at this level.  But as in Canada and USA we do not follow the EMC standards and the level of noise in our factories far exceeds the EMC level of the CE products.

In addition the safety products have special circuits for the detection of the presence of noise. These circuits are necessary to prevent a malfunction and to avoid a dangerous situation. On the other hand, if the analysis is pushed further and an accident on a machine is related to a malfunction of a safety device and that is related to problems of EMC. In the case of a law suit It will be difficult to defend your selfs if the installer or designer has not followed the Rules stipulated in the manual even on a North American installation as the installation manual and its instructions are an integral part of the safe use conditions of the safety devices.

In conclusion I will recommend to follow the CE standards when building machine that integrates safety devices. This means the use of EMC filter and the use of EMC-resistant cabling technology.

So the answer to the question up here is  yes!

In addition you will save a huge time during your startup and prevent production lost


Gilles Laberge

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Filter EMI and RFI – Line Reactor  – Active and passive harmonic filters – Parallel filters , EMC Test

Enerdoor solution for

  • Protection of machinery and equipment, power quality
  • CE approval and testing
  • Elimination of noise, improved reliability, reduced downtime

The Enerdoor group is an international leader in the development and production of  solution for power quality and electromagnetic noise for automated machinery and industrial plants solutions. The wide range of products of the group includes: filters EMI / RFI, the protection of the motor, harmonic filters, line reactors, surge arresters, voltage stabilizers and custom solutions. In addition to filtering EMC solutions, Enerdoor has built a global network of distribution and research and development that provides certifications CE on site, required by the IEC standards. Founded in 1992, The Enerdoor Group consists of Enerdoor in the North America, in Germany and Switzerland; FINMOTOR and Finlab in Italy; and complements Elektro in Hungary.

Stop RFID EMC disturbances.

Protect your motor and your expensive electronic equipment.

Be sure to comply with the directive of EMC compatibility with our mobile test laboratory

New technology of noise reduction applied to the problems of harmonics

Like high end manufacturers of headphones and car audio equipment Enerdoor resolve noise problems with an active filters by cancelling the harmonics by simply generating the reverse noise. This filter at the cutting edge of technology uses an active power structure and a powerful software which has the advantage to adapt to the changing needs of a plant where non-linear loads are not necessarily fixed over time.

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