Uni Robotic a New Partner for Prosynergic !


Prosynergic is now the agent for Uni Robotic products.

Uni Robotic is the importer of the products in Canada.

The robots are supported by an experienced team of engineers and technicians based in Montreal.

Robots are available to Canadian industries through the Prosynergic network of distributors and integrators.

With a programming language like other intuitive Collaborative platforms, the system is easy to deploy.

The lifespan and quality are equivalent if not superior to what is currently on the market.

The product is available up to 25 KG payload.

Elite is one of the largest manufacturers of Collaborative Robots in Asia. The product is delivered with an industrial programming tablet and is equipped with a built in Estop

The product is stocked in Canada and can be delivered quickly including preconfigured cells via our network of authorized integrators.

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LinMot Rotary and Linear Motors, An interesting way to simplify your designs.

PR01 PR02-88


LinMot manufactures servo actuators that combine Linear and Rotary motions in a single assembly. Two large families are available the PR01 and the PR02. The Pr01 is thinner and longer and this is characterized by a set of two motors, one behind the other.it offers versions with reducers for applications that require more rotary torque in addition to a compact mount in width For the PR02 series the two motors are installed in parallel in a single aluminum case. Ideal design for the pharma, cosmetic and beverage industry. In addition in the PR02 version, force sensors and integrated magnetic springs are available for caper or other applications requiring precise monitoring of the applied force and cancellation of the gravitational force. Just like other LinMot products, the high performance of the product will  took your breath away as evidenced by the attached videos. If you are a designer who likes to think outside the box, you want to integrate 4.0 technology into your machines LinMot Linear and Rotary Motor will save you time and space in your machines and will set you apart from the competition.

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New Version PR02 Features and Benefits

How to maximize the life of your motors and drive?

The reliability of your production equipment depends largely on the reliability of the motors, gear and coupling driving the different loads.

Mechanical breakdowns are often caused by inadequate sizing or selection  or overload of equipment.
To make a good selection it is necessary to evaluate all the forces applied to the equipment, often forces are forgotten. Under sizing or misunderstanding of the manufacturer’s selection guidelines or the lack of protection against mechanical overload is often the basis for premature breakage.

For example, the servo and gear manufacturer Stober offers a very efficient engineering service that offers free sizing assistance. Several options are available to increase the capacity of the gears without increasing their size, For example in the case of axial load roller type bearings are available or (Peak Torque Booster) which allow to increase the shock resistance of the reducer.

Stober also offers Video tutorials that help democratize the application of Gearbox and servos motor to help you better apply the equipment

Below are some episodes of Stober’s Power Tip focusing on the important points when designing a machine and their links with reliability

For more video of the Power Tip series visit stober’s website

There is also the manufacturer R+W who manufacture couplings with overload protection that will protect your gears against momentary overload or blockages. The load will then be decoupled and breakage avoided.So our 1st recommendation would be to use the services of your manufacturer, distributor or manufacturing agent to validate your product selection. The minimum information required is: Torque Maximum, Torque Nominal, axial load, speed, application type and motor model and engine manufacturer. The 2nd would be to use a mechanical overload protection when there is a risk of blockage or overload.

Here is a video about R+W’s technology

The other source of breakage is electric, when motor is not controlled by a dimmer the motors are subjected to voltage variation without any protection. Modern three-phase motors have a lower heat capacity and are more susceptible to breakage during phase loss or under-voltage situations. The manufacturer Macromatic offers voltage detectors that protect against single-phase. A nice option to avoid this kind of breakage.

Watch the following Macromatic Video

When the motors are controlled by a variable speed drive, these are the ones that are at risk during voltage variation. The manufacturer Bonitron manufactures filtration and voltage conditioning equipment to eliminate breakage and untimely triggering of your drives. So our two tips to avoid breakage related to the power supply will be to see to install phase loss detectors on your motors on your full voltage starters and to see to evaluate the conditioning needs of the AC power supply and the DC Bus of your drives.

Attached is an overview of Bonitron’s offer at an event organized by a Rockwell distributor in the USA

Hoping who you found the above information interesting

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Are you looking to upgrade your phase loss relay with newer and more accessible technology?

Replacement for DSP1l

Several plants currently have phase loss detectors, in their MCC and starters, but the design of some of them dates back to the 90s. Phase loss detection is a very good practice to reduce motor failures related to phase loss. It is not uncommon to have a fuse that burns on a set of 3 and to see our motor tried to operate with 2 phases. The very high current in the remaining phases heat the engine and prematurely damages the insulation. So there are several plants that have incorporated a phase lost relays into their specifications in a standard way.  There are now new relays not more expensive than the old models and that do more like for example the unit PMD-575 from Macromatic. They also protect against phase reversal, a failure that can be very expensive if an engine is running on the wrong side. Their technology is more up to date, the current is measure more precisely thanks to its technology of measurement in True RMS value. It also incorporates under-voltage and over-voltage detection functions. Guaranteed 5 years it is compact and approved CSA, CUL and CE. The have Din rail mounting and its finger safe terminals make it an ideal candidate for your motor control panel. In addition, most of the functions are adjustable in level and time. If you want other options Macromatic offers a complete family with more or less function depending on your needs. From the very simple model like the PCP to the complex model with communication like the PC1MDUL.

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Capping, Filling, Screwing Facilitated by LinMot Rotary and Linear Technology


LinMot have combined a rotating and linear axis in the same axis making integration easier. The system controls the position, the speed of all axes in addition, of the force. So you can do a quality control directly to the assembly in addition to being able to store the information in a given database. LinMot also makes integration with the PLC easy thanks to the different version of servo drive available on the most common communications buses. For Rockwell users an EThernet IP version and an CIP Sync version are available.

Prosynergic is now the agent for IPT technology, wireless charging and power transmission system

With the growing demand for mobile robots and the electrification of transport new needs are being created. Prosynergic is always looking for new technology and making the technology available to the Canadian market. We are therefore proud to present a very interesting European product. IPT technology has developed a transmission technology without wires. They offer wiring-free charging systems for AGV and wireless power systems. You can now imagine a self-guided vehicle system without a battery or with a much smaller battery. The reduced weight will allow you to increase your payload capacity and reduce the cost of your mobile equipment. The system is good for 125Amp, without cable or brush to transmit energy eliminating the mechanical wear. Battery replacement costs will be eliminated or reduced to the maximum. For the AGV that can not use a predefined path and and need an onboard power the used of wireless recharge will increase the battery life span. The batteries do not tolerate very well a  complete discharges. So a wireless charging system allows the AVG to recharge their batteries when they are waiting and thus maintaining their charge level in the range or their performance is the best.

IPT also offers wireless charging systems for all types of electric vehicles EV (Truck, Bus, Boat, Ferry, Taxis)

r more information

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To help with the COVID-19 Prosynergic offer Virtual technical training!

Prosynergic is taking great steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 by implementing virtual technical presentation. We recognize that you are committed to preserving your environment as safe as possible. Many of you are working in your home office and want to stay informed about new product and technology . It’s a good time now to do so !

Prosynergic will make presentations available via the Zoom website. These courses will be in a 45-minute format. Send an email to the address Info@prosynergic.com to receive your invitation with the subject or topic of interest.

List of Topics:


  • ASO safety: ( Safety Mat , Safety Edge , safety Bumper  )
  • Stober: (Family of modular speed reducer servo, Food option, Safety brake)
  • TR Electronic: (Family of Programmable Coder, Security Coder, Linear Coder, Laser Distance Ultrasonic Sensors, Specialized Photo Sensors)
  • Macron Dynamic: (Cartesian Robotics, Gantry (portico), Robotic transport guide)
  • Linmot: ( Cylindrical Linear Engine, Ip69K Food Option, Rotative and Linear Option)
  • Schneeberger: (Mechanical Linear Guide, Linear Measurement System, High Precision Systems)
  • Private Project Meeting: You have a project that integrates our technologies, we offer you a meeting with specialists from our manufacturers partners via ZOOM.

New products, lightweight EOAT for Robots from Anibus 3D

Prosynergic now represents the products of Anubis 3D. This Canadian manufacturer uses a new SLS-type 3D printing technology that allows the production of volume parts. Unlike other printing process the parts are ultra-precise, and their properties do not change in time. The final product is robust and can be used as a production part. The result is more competitive and flexible than the injection processes for low and medium volume parts.

Anubis 3D has therefore specialised in the manufacture of robots tools because the properties of the final products are ideal for the industry. The robots tools must be robust, lightweight and flexible, all of which are the qualities that make it. Thanks to the next generation computer aided design using artificial intelligence, the tools are developed by our teams of engineers according to the customer’s need and are manufactured in a few days. The built-in tool include air conduit and the shape is optimised for any force applied.

Anubis 3D has several projects that have been saved by our technology. The large weight of conventional tools tax the robots that are struggling to reach the required production rate. In several applications the tool is heavier than the load to be moved. The Anubis 3D technology is collaborative robot friendly. This type of robots less powerful than conventional robots will be well served by the low-weight tools Anubis 3D produce.

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Lightweight robot tool
EOAT robot tools

Stober now offers a redundant brake solution in accordance with the ISO13849 standard for vertical loads!

Stober now offers a solution to meet the ISO 13849 standard for machine safety. By combining a brake with a Stober gear assembly and a brake on your servo motor Stober you get a mechanical redundancy.  In Europe Stober offers the whole supervised by a safety controller integrated with the Servo Drive . In North America the solution is integrated with the Rockwell security controllers and Servo Drive

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270 deg safety Scanner  – 80M 2 d Scanner –  Mini 2 d Scanner – data transmitter

Hokuyo solution for

  • Robots, AGV, traffic management 
  • Sorting, palletizing, storage retrieval, guidance 
  • Scanner position, distance, safety. 2D, 3D, LIDAR

HOKUYO, based in Osaka, to the Japan in 1946, has developed and continues to provide some of the technology it has developed original with products such as counters, photoelectric sensors and sensors for automatic doors for a wide range production of industrial and various automation processes.

For many years, we develop several types of factory automation products that include CCD sensors high precision and optical data transmission devices and maintain an outstanding reputation for our creativity and our performance with customers.

HOKUYO products are integrated in many industrial sectors such as textiles, electric wire, iron and steel, transport systems, editing machines, semiconductors and LCD facilities. They have contributed to the growth and development of these industries.

HOKUYO now is today a leader in the industry of technology of laser scanning of the range to the safety scanner detector. The high performance of our product helps customers all over the world find their solution to their detection difficult challenge


Safety Scanner