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Prosynergic represents ASO safety products

Aso Safety manufactures safety mats, sensitive edge ,  bumper  and accessory. As a solution manufacturer for presence detection and shear protection. Whether for automated door protection, machine security or mobile equipment ASO solutions are robust, flexible and easy installed. Contact us for more information or a visit

TR Electronic offers a new SIL 3 encoder in the enclosure of the popular 58 series

SIL 3 Encoder

Tr now offers an encoder  SIL 2 Pld and SIL 3 Ple in the enclosure of the popular 58 series. The absolute Multiturn encoder can be ordered   with hollow shaft type or  shaft type. Ideal for applications that require a safe position signal

The more compact format will allow you to use it in tight space

For now it is available in Profinert/PROFIsafe

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New TR Electronic encoder SIL 3 PL e!

Tr Electronic known for their programmable coders now offers a programmable absolute encoder approved for functional safety SIL 3 PL e. Available on different bus it integrates with different controllers to give you fonctional safety . Unlike conventional encoder the features are implemented in the encoder. For example, the safe speed monitoring or the safe position monitoring is available directly in the encoder.  The programming is done in the software of the client controller using a profile downloaded in this one. Available on different network (Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat, Open Safety, Powerlink) are easy to integrate .


Very interesting for the entertainment industry, where  man and machine must have to cohabited

As shown in the attached application

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Stober now offers a redundant brake solution in accordance with the ISO13849 standard for vertical loads!

Stober now offers a solution to meet the ISO 13849 standard for machine safety. By combining a brake with a Stober gear assembly and a brake on your servo motor Stober you get a mechanical redundancy.  In Europe Stober offers the whole supervised by a safety controller integrated with the Servo Drive . In North America the solution is integrated with the Rockwell security controllers and Servo Drive

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Are we required to follow the CE standards for EMC in the development of a machine safety project in North America?

For some time I have been asking myself this question in front of the number of issue we face went we put in service safety equipement with electro magnetic noise. My first contact with the problem was when installing and putting into service a safety systems base on  camera on a press brake.

The customer complained about the device tripping. After investigating and analyzing systems error codes We came to the conclusion that the problems came from EMC noises. Several visits and tries later we eliminated the majority of the problems. Thanks to Stefano Medved of Enerdoor and his radiation detection equipment. He was able to locate the problem on the RS232 communication port.

As I lost a lot of time with different safety application and EMC issue. I became curious and I always looked for an approach to avoid these kinds of problems. I subsequently experienced the problem in the start-up of a light curtains and a safety controllers form different brand and I have always lost a crazy amount of time to find this kind of problem as it is not all Devices that give us a clear diagnosis. . One thing is always common in most of the problems.The error codes always points in the direction of EMC and the manufacturer always told me that this type of problems is unusual in Europe.

After thinking about the issue and reading  several manufacturer manuals I realized one thing. All manuals give the recommendation to follow the CE standards for EMC. What for?  Well the compatibility standards are there to ensure that noise-generating devices do not generate more than a certain level of noise and that other devices resist at this level.  But as in Canada and USA we do not follow the EMC standards and the level of noise in our factories far exceeds the EMC level of the CE products.

In addition the safety products have special circuits for the detection of the presence of noise. These circuits are necessary to prevent a malfunction and to avoid a dangerous situation. On the other hand, if the analysis is pushed further and an accident on a machine is related to a malfunction of a safety device and that is related to problems of EMC. In the case of a law suit It will be difficult to defend your selfs if the installer or designer has not followed the Rules stipulated in the manual even on a North American installation as the installation manual and its instructions are an integral part of the safe use conditions of the safety devices.

In conclusion I will recommend to follow the CE standards when building machine that integrates safety devices. This means the use of EMC filter and the use of EMC-resistant cabling technology.

So the answer to the question up here is  yes!

In addition you will save a huge time during your startup and prevent production lost


Gilles Laberge

Prosynergic Manufacturing Agent

Prosynergic will be present at the next meeting Safety at work CNESST November 15-16

Visit us at the Montreal Congress Palace on 15 and 16 November we will be there with solutions for the safety of your machines. We will be at booth 1419. Safety curtain, safety controller, Laser protection for press brake, Torque limiter, safety encoder, Safety zone scanner. Solutions for presence detection in degerous area, the detection of safe speed, safe position detection and more. Come to meet Us with your  machine safety challenge and with our experience of more than 15 years in application of components and machine safety system, we’ll help you find the right solution.

Manufacturer: Lazersafe, Hokuyo, Disoric, TR-Electronic, R + W


270 deg safety Scanner  – 80M 2 d Scanner –  Mini 2 d Scanner – data transmitter

Hokuyo solution for

  • Robots, AGV, traffic management 
  • Sorting, palletizing, storage retrieval, guidance 
  • Scanner position, distance, safety. 2D, 3D, LIDAR

HOKUYO, based in Osaka, to the Japan in 1946, has developed and continues to provide some of the technology it has developed original with products such as counters, photoelectric sensors and sensors for automatic doors for a wide range production of industrial and various automation processes.

For many years, we develop several types of factory automation products that include CCD sensors high precision and optical data transmission devices and maintain an outstanding reputation for our creativity and our performance with customers.

HOKUYO products are integrated in many industrial sectors such as textiles, electric wire, iron and steel, transport systems, editing machines, semiconductors and LCD facilities. They have contributed to the growth and development of these industries.

HOKUYO now is today a leader in the industry of technology of laser scanning of the range to the safety scanner detector. The high performance of our product helps customers all over the world find their solution to their detection difficult challenge

Safety Scanner


Security – Curtain – Level – Movement – Radar – Magnetic- Inductive – Capacitive -UV  Sensors _Registration  – Machine lighting and Vision

di-soric Solution for

  • Robots, packaging Machine
  • Sorting, palletizing
  • Level, Position, Distance, Color, Machine safety

For more than 30 years, the Group corporate di-soric specializes in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation. Thanks to continuous innovations, a wide range of products is available, which is complemented by lights led, vision and identification systems. Disoric is a family company and currently employs more than 200 people.

di-soric offers a wide non common sensor that helps solve a single application. They offer a wide selection of sensors of framework, slots and tubes sensors for high-speed counting or sorting.

They also produce radar sensors  to determine the presence and direction

They have led lighting for machines or for wash down applications up to IP69K

Di-soric smart and practical solution!

photocell sensor

TR Electronic

TR electronic solutions for

  • Robots, packaging Machine
  • Sorting, palletizing, handling
  • Press monitoring

TR of the solutions for the detection of:

Presence, distance, position, speed, angle, safe speed, safe position

Established in 1983 in Germany to develop the technology in the field of absolute encoders TR Electronic is now present in the world and is known for quality and innovation.

One of the first manufacturers of programmable coders and coders tuned on fieldbus

TR continues to innovate with the new encoder which integrates the Ple Sil3 certified safety function.

We are passionate about the sensors. We strive to solve your problems with our products by using our experience and our training. Automotive to the stage production, and everything that happens between the two, our flexible manufacturing process of products for custom designs means you get automation you are interested in. Our factory-trained technicians are available to provide 100% customer satisfaction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also do training! In fact, everything we do is to run your business more efficiently.